"It's not just about basketball,
it's bigger than that."
-Eric Montross
Held on Father's Day weekend at the Dean E. Smith Center, on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Eric Montross Father's Day Basketball Camp provides a unique opportunity for dads and their children to share quality time together while working as a team. Fathers learn how to better coach their children while they both practice, play and compete in contests. Children interact with their fathers to develop basketball skills and build character that will make them winners for life. This special weekend incorporates all of this, while teaching the importance of helping others. 100% of the proceeds from camp benefit UNC Children's.

Who does this benefit?

All funds generated through camp benefit UNC Children's Hospital. As the state’s hospital, UNC Children's is responsible for the health and well-being of North Carolina’s 2.1 million children from all 100 counties.

UNC Children's Hospital aligns premiere health care practitioners, world-class medical education, and innovative, interdisciplinary research to provide the highest-quality, family-centered care, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

As a major referral center for children with complex and chronic conditions, UNC Children's Hospital works hand-in-hand with community hospitals and pediatricians across the state, providing specialty care to more than 70,000 children each year.

Why was this camp started?

In the fall of 1993, Eric Montross befriended Jason Clark, a young patient battling cancer at UNC Children's Hospital. The initial visit Eric made as a UNC basketball player soon evolved into weekly visits as a friend.

Jason lost his battle with cancer after a 9-month fight. Shortly before his passing, he was asked what the new children’s hospital should look like to make it more “child-friendly." Jason wrote three pages. As a tribute, his family and friends established the Jason Clark Memorial Fund to make Jason’s dreams a reality.

Eric and Laura Montross started the Father’s Day Basketball Camp to honor Jason and help raise funds to carry out his wishes for the new hospital. The camp is used as a year-round fundraising vehicle to continue turning new ideas like Jason’s into reality.

How can I get involved?

Making a difference is what the Eric Montross Father’s Day Basketball Camp is all about. Whether through a sponsorship of camp, an in-kind contribution of services, goods or an outright donation, working together helps make a greater positive impact at UNC Children's Hospital.

Join us in making a difference today!

Jerseys in the Rafters

Orlando Zinn
Russ Clegg and Angie Smits, Alex and Audrey Clegg Greensboro, N.C.
Kat Griggs New Bern, NC
Jon Bell Greensboro, NC
The Carey-Ewend Family
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